Erev Yom Kippurim

Rabbi Bunim of Peshischa is attributed as saying, “A person should have two pockets in his coat. One should contain the Talmudic saying (Sanhedrin 37a), ‘A person is commanded to maintain: For my sake was the world created.’ In the second pocket he should keep the verse (Genesis 18:27), ‘I am but dust and ashes.’”

As we prepare to enter into the mo’ed of Yom Hakippurim, it would do us well to remember the essence of Rabbi Bunim’s words. We were each created in the image of HaShem and are therefore uniquely special in His sight. At the same time, as we stand before the LORD, like Abraham, we are but matter that can be blown away in the wind. It is not upon our own merits that we stand before the Creator and Sovereign of the Universe, rather we stand on those who have come before us, and in His grace, His promises and most of all in His provision though Yeshua the Messiah and King of the Jews. During the next 25 plus hours, let us remember our place as well as our continual need for His grace – not only for ourselves but for our families, neighbors, communities, and, in fact, the entirety of mankind.

!גְמַר חַתִימָה טוֹבָה

May you truly be sealed in the Book of Life!

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