We have entered into blog space as another medium to cultivate and maintain contacts with our family, friends and hopefully new acquaintances. If you have traveled the blogosphere and have any suggestions, especially things to avoid, please let us know. If not, enjoy the ride with us and be in contact with us from time to time.

Our goals in this blogosphere multi-focused. One goal is to share our thoughts and observations on Messianic Judaism as we understand it as well as life in Israel as we live it. Another is that we hope to reconnect with many of you who are on our e-mailing list. Sadly, due to time constraints and physical distance, we have not been able to stay as close as we would have liked. Even though this is not face-to-face, it is our hope that as we share our lives with you, you will be willing to share yours with us. Finally, as stated above, through sharing this blog with others we hope to expand our sphere, meeting and interacting with others whom we have not yet met face-to-face.

While this may seem odd to begin with, working together we can become apart of one another’s lives and when the opportunity avails itself to visit in person, there will not be so much catching up to do because we have already come to know one another.

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